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Prepare your appointments in a business taxi!

On your way to a meeting, a conference or a presentation? And maybe snatching lunch with a business partner at that new restaurant beside the Meuse? We’ll take you anywhere quickly and helpfully.

Our drivers speak Dutch and English. They are also polite and motivated. Business transport is one of the specialties of Taxi Service Maastricht. That’s why we employ some certified executive chauffeurs. And if you prefer, we can also arrange for a private driver. Even one who is with you all day long. We look at business transport in the broadest sense: from transport services in the higher segment, to a trip to or from the office; from picking up clients or passengers from all over the country, to a site visit with multiple locations.

At Taxi Service Maastricht, you can book one ride for one person, or return journeys and transport for several people at the same time. If you want to use our services on a regular basis, we will draw up a schedule of the monthly trips and provide clear invoices, with VAT separately. You can simply leave that to us. Just tell us your wishes. We’ll be happy to drive you – with all the respect you deserve.

Polite drivers. Every time.